Computer Literacy

Not everyone “gets” computers, they usually refer to themselves as computer illiterate, or just not tech savy. This is simply not true. If you feel you’re one of these people, it’s not because you can’t “get” it. Many of the younger generation learned computers from trial and error. It’s that “fearlessness” that allowed them to learn at a quicker pace (sometimes at the expense of the computer…). But trial and error is definitely time consuming, and that’s when being taught becomes the preferred route. Now not everything can be taught, and trial and error will always be necessary to further your computer knowledge, but the basics are something that can for sure be taught. That’s not to say it will be easy (not much is “easy”), but if you’re committed, you will undoubtedly become computer literate.

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Information may not be absolute or thorough, with the idea of keeping it to the basics, information may be diluted. If you notice any information to be inaccurate please contact me so I can correct it, I am but only human.


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