Input devices

So now you have a basic idea about computer components. You turn your computer on, and now what? Well you could stare at the monitor and try willing the computer to do something, but unless you’re some freak of nature, nothins gonna happen.

I doubt I’ll have to explain much about this topic of why a mouse and keyboard are pretty important, so we’ll just briefly touch on this.
Basically the computer is in its own little world, and you’re in yours. How do you bridge that gap and enter its world?

Well first came the keyboard, it allowed us to talk to the computer in a language we both understand.

Then came the mouse. The first mouse by apple computers opened up the world of computers to the graphical user interface. Instead of typing everything we wanted to do, we now had a tiny little hand to easily navigate with around an easy graphical desktop (take that lotus123!)

That doesn’t mean there aren’t other ways to communicate with a computer though. Today we have touchscreens, voice control, and even motion controls. Though none have proven to allow as much productivity as a mouse and keyboard can. I’ll explain a little more on the basics of how a computer knows how to use keyboard and mouse inputs in a topic later about the fun and dreadful “drivers”.


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