Operating System

The Operating SystemOperating system placement.svg

Describing the Operating System in simple terms is tricky without being technically inaccurate, so lets give it a shot.

The OS communicates between programs and the computers hardware components.

To the right is a diagram that describes this relationship more visually. Now don’t be mislead about the diagram and the BIOS. The BIOS simply the first thing the computer runs to check hardware. configure hardware settings, and then activate the operating system. After the Operating System is booted, the BIOS is not used. That is why it is not in the visual diagram to the right. I hope that helps clear up any misconception about the BIOS.

You may be under the impression that 1 or maybe 2 operating systems exist. Well lets shatter that theory of yours right now. Aside from the most popular ones you may be aware of, Windows, Mac OS, Ubuntu, Android, there’s also a bunch more. Here’s a list of a lot of them, (tip! just keep scrolling down that page).

As you can see your precious Windows or Mac OS is simply one of hundreds. Now that’s not to say all of them are good. In fact a lot are extremely outdated, or wouldn’t even run on your computer for multiple reasons, because they’re for phones, or routers etc. But that still leaves the number in the double digits. Linux alone has so many “distributions”(Separate OS’s based on a similar code)that it jumps the number in the double digits alone. The point of telling you all this is to help demystify the operating system a little. There isn’t one universal operating system, no one operating system that everyone likes. And you don’t have to choose either! As we’ll cover near the end, you can have quite a few operating systems on one hdd and choose which one you feel like using when you turn the computer on. And it’s really not as difficult as you’d imagine either.

Bottom line, it doesn’t matter what Operating System you choose to run, without one your not going anywhere.


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