Course goals and syllabus

The goal of the course is to help those that consider themselves computer illiterate develop a better understanding of computers. This course will cover both hardware and software portions of computers. Though it’s not necessary, knowing the basic hardware that makes up a computer can prove valuable in troubleshooting problems, not to mention it will be one less question mark in your mind.

All topics pertain to Operating Systems Windows 7, or Ubuntu 12.04

The lecture topics are (but aren’t limited to)


1-Basic hardware components of personal computers

2-Input Devices



4-Turning the Computer ON/OFF

5-The Bios

6-The Operating System (OS)

7-Navigating Windows

8-File Structure

9-Software (Programs/Applications)

10-The Control Panel

11-How to add a device (printer, scanner, etc..)

12-How to configure a network

13-The Registry

14-How to wipe, format, partition, and reinstall windows on a hard drive

15-Setting up a Dual Boot


17-The Terminal

Syllabus may not be complete and may change without notice


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